FAT BURNER II (Steroid Cycles)


Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Category: Steroid Cycles
Substance: Steroid Cycles
Package: 66 tabs (75 tabs) Clenbuterol

50 tabs L-Thyroxine

63(60 tabs) Bromocriptine

Category: .

Product Description

week of

cycle L-Thyroxine

200mcg tab CLENBUTEROL

40mcg tab Bromocriptine

2.5mg tab

1 0.5 tab/day 1 tabs/day

2 1 tabs/day 2 tabs/day

3 2 tabs/day 2 tabs/day

4 0.5 tab/day

5 1 tab/day

6 2 tabs/day

7 2 tab/day 2 tabs/day

8 1 tab/day 1.5 tabs/day

9 0.5 tab/day 1 tabs/day

10 1 tab/day

11 2 tabs/day

12 2 tabs/day


66 tabs (75 tabs) Clenbuterol

50 tabs L-Thyroxine

63(60 tabs) Bromocriptine

This cycle is a weaker version of the Fat burner 1 cycle which is more suitable for people not weighing much.

Clenbuterol, L-Thyroxine(T4) and Bromocriptine are not steroids, this combination is very effective, women tolerate them good as well (in slightly smaller dosages).

You should take tabs at least 30 min. before meals. And split up the dosage two times a day. One in the morning and one at evening. Take Bromocriptine in the mornings.

You should follow a high protein diet with low carbs, do cardio 30. min in the morning before breakfast and weightlifting in the evening . Then you can easily burn fat not body weight including muscles.

When you finish the cycle give a break of at least 8 weeks. You can’t have permanent fat loss if you don’t fix your diet and put on some muscle.

Milk Thistle and Alpha Lipoic acid supplements are recommended through the cycle to support the liver and drink lots of water and take Cod Liver Oil to support the kidney. Take also Omega 3 and CLA for more effective fat burn. To prevent clenbuterol cramps supplement with amino acid Taurine.

This is a sample cycle with max. dosages. Always start a cycle with lower dosages and slightly reach max. levels. If you feel bad decrease the dosage or quit.

Must not be taken when high blood pressure, a severe hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, irregular heart rhythm, or a recent myocardiac infarction are present.

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